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Taiss Quartapa

Interim Executive
Enlightened Interest Group


Exploring the impossible is my calling. Whether that means working on the Enterprise Architecture, reinventing the internal processes of a global company or creating a new, innovative approach for the retail experience, solving the impossible is what I seek to do. I’m driven to deliver impactful results which enhance aspects of people’s lives.
POET > Culture > Slaves-to-Psychology > The-Dunning-Kruger-Effect

Tamás Nacsák

Senior Enterprise Architect


Tamás Nacsák, is a Senior Enterprise Architect, worked twenty plus years in IT mostly in the telecommunication industry; the last twelve dedicated to Enterprise Architecture. He is currently working as Enterprise Architect on several Telco companies and at Hungarian State Tresury.
POET > Culture > The-Architect > The-Pragmatic-Architect-Creed

Brendan S. McEnroe

Chief Technology Officer // Enterprise Architect
Trade Window Limited

New Zealand

Brendan is a Certified Enterprise Architect, technology thought leader and start-up founder with 30 years’ experience. He has a demonstrated history of digital strategy, innovation and leading high performing teams on large scale technology projects, across UK and NZ organisations.
PEFF > Adoption > Overview > Measures > PTMC > Tools

Gareth Llewellyn

Enterprise and Solution Architect

United Kingdom

Over 28 years, Gareth has been a trusted advisor to executives and key decision makers. He has architected strategic transformations for medium to large commercial organisations, and to federal, state and local government across the UK and Australia. Gareth uses design thinking to transition businesses to their target operating model, delivering profound outcomes while reducing cost & risk.
POET > Culture > The-Architect > What-Does-An-Architect-Do

Amber Smith

Trainee Cabinetmaker
Humphrey Munson

United Kingdom

As someone who likes to learn, and loves a challenge, I have tried working in many different industries, some of which I loved, some I absolutely hated. I have come to know myself through trying new things. Recently, I have attained a job which I absolutely love, and aspire to turn into my career. Cabinetmaking allows me to be practical, creative, and keeps me on my toes!
POET > Culture > Slaves-to-Psychology > The-Dunning-Kruger-Effect

Abdul Aziz

Business Architect and Cybernetician
Vanga Limited

United Kingdom

A passionate strategist, enterprise architect and business change leader endeavouring to help executives, managers and operatives navigate complexity with principles and values that enable their organisational purpose. Abdul has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of “changing the business” across multiple industries holds an MBA with distinction from the Alliance Manchester Business School.
POET > Culture > Architects-and-Engineers > Fundamentals

James McGovern

Research Director

United States

Over twenty years of experience applying technical, process, and people skills to improve individual, team, and organizational performance and overall efficacy. Advanced knowledge of enterprise architecture and enterprise security with a focus on high-profile customer-facing applications. An impassioned leader who mentors with purpose and understands that strong working relationships create great
PEAF > Culture > Roles > EASG-Enterprise-Architecture-Steering-Group

Pedro M. Correa

Harbinger of things to come
Papyrus Software

United States

Regional IT industry leader with SMET background and 25+ years of international experience in the Americas. Award winner for: leading regional sales and service delivery CoE while working as CTO (EDS), for Regional LATAM Sales/Marketing Director (Texas Instruments) and for Business Analyst/PMP (IBM)
PEAF > Methods > Phases > Roadmapping > Intermediate-Journey

Murambwa Clever Haparari

Technology Lead and Design Authority
FBC Holdings


Technology Innovation and Enterprise Architecture Leader with a vision to become an Enterprise Transformation leader driving Enterprises for the consistent achievement of their Strategic goals of Effectiveness, Efficiency, Agility and Sustainability of both the Operations and Transformation capabilities through appropriate adoption of the Enterprise Architecture Paradigm.
PEAF > Artefacts > Meta-models > Structural
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