Don't forget - Our frameworks DO NOT REPLACE your current processes. They help make them more EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT, AGILE and SUSTAINABLE.


Helps Enterprises to Pragmatically mature their fundamental capabilities... providing a Pragmatic paradigm shift in the way people think about Enterprises.


Helps Enterprises get the fundamentals of Transformation right... providing the fundamental Language and Ontology's behind POET and PEAF


Helps Enterprises to tactically mature their Transformation capability... providing the Strategic context of their Transformation capability.


Helps Enterprises to assess the maturity of their Transformation capability... providing a Common Canvas on which to collect and analyse feedback.


Helps Enterprises to setup or mature their Enterprise's EA capability... providing the 20% (fundamentals) that produces 80% of the benefit.

v2021 released - See the changes here
“The Business” and IT are so intrinsically linked, a new paradigm is needed. That paradigm is DOTS
“We have seen the enemy, and the enemy is us (Management)”
- W.E.Deming.
70% of all change will continue to fail, unless you change how you change.
It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it. (And that’s what gets results.)
Jack Welch, Darwin and Einstein do have a point!
How an Enterprise effects Transformation is becoming a Strategic Strength or a Strategic Weakness.
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